My name is Deon Esterhuizen.

I fell in love with photography back in 1998, and have found it to be a consuming passion ever since. It is a great privilege to be able to work with woman of all ages to record their special moments.

My home and studio is located in Vaalpark, where a lovingly warm atmosphere is waiting to greet you. The focus is on creating a relaxed atmosphere that allows you to be yourself as well as express yourself.

If you have a specific photo shoot you would like to discuss with me, please contact me for an individual meeting. I find that it is best to sit down and discuss each photo shoot in person, as trust and comfort levels are critical to photographic success.
My passion is to celebrate the female body and showing every woman how stunning she is. Beauty that goes along with personality creates sensual images that evoke feelings. Furthermore a sensual photographic session experience can be the ultimate gift to yourself or to your loved one.

At Pepperpix, we understand that your shoot is a unique personal experience. Therefore, we take the time to get to know your style, your personality and bring these qualities out in your session.

You are the star from the moment you enter the studio and embark on your very personal and exclusive experience.

Pepperpix Photography guarantees that we will never display or publish your photographs without your knowledge or permission. Your experience as well as your images are exclusively for you and those you choose to share them with.

Pepperpix’s photographer and artistic team will work with you, always ensuring you are comfortable. Also that you have, above all, a thoroughly enjoyable day. Pepperpix is for every woman whishing to pose in front of the camera.

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