How do I book a session?

Simply contact us. A minimum non-refundable pre-payment is required to reserve your session.

Why do you charge a pre-payment to reserve the session?

The pre-payment fee guarantees that your session date is held for you. Also it ensures that we are only booking clients who are serious about showing up for theirr session.

You won’t post photos of me without permission?

We will under no circumstances distribute any of your photos through any media, unless you explicitly give us permission to do so.

I’m getting married and want to do photographs as a wedding present to my groom. What do you suggest?

This is a popular trend today. Some woman prefer a semi-nude or nude fine art photograph that they can hang in their bedroom in which they may or may not be recognised. Other prefer to do a series of photographs and out them n a album for their and their partners private viewings. Many women choose to do a combination of both.

I am not a model and a little self-conscious but I want a gift for my loved one?

Our photography is very specialised. It is for woman who want to share their bodies with their significant other. You know what your loved one likes about you so it is best that you can focus on those aspects. Sometimes a piece of your lingerie or black lace can be strategically placed over what you would want to cover up. In most cases your loved one loves you how you are. Including everything you in all your splender and beauty.

It is possible to do an artistic photograph that is not only provocative, but tasteful?

Absolutely. In fact, that may be the most popular of all your photo shoots. consider a woman who wears her full length fur coat with nothing else on a pair of high heels and black stockings. All you see is her face, her legs, and a part of her breast. She creates a sensual, mysterious, elegant and very artistic photograph. She also is infused in a timeless and tasteful work of art.




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