Who should go for boudoir photography?

A woman who wants to surprise that special one in her life with a unique and personal gift. Theres something about seeing him open that photo album for the first time and drool all over your sexy photos!

A woman that needs a confidence boost. O yes, we all occasionally get really tired of looking at these glossy magazines with perfect models on every page. Well, now it can be you looking back from a sexy picture. Why should only models have all the fun in front of the camera? Boudoir photography will help you discover that secret seductress in you.

A woman that is already confident and just wants to strut her sexy stuff in front of the camera and have some fun! Why not just make it all about you and give yourself a gift? It’ll be your little secret… ssshhh, we won’t tell anyone.

A woman who want to capture her beauty forever. Let’s face it, none of us are getting younger, 30 years from now a boudoir photo shoot will be the proof of your sensuality.

A woman who has been married for a long time and well… wants to revamp her private life with her husband.

A woman that is thinking about having a baby and wants to have a reference point of what she wants her body to look like after the baby 😉

A woman size 0 to 100, well maybe there is not such size but you get the point, there is no size, weight, or height limitations. Every woman is beautiful in her own special way and boudoir photography is there to help you bring it out.

How to prepare

Take care of any waxing / shaving in the sesitive areas (such as bikini line) at least 2-3 days before to avoid irritation and redness.

Check your manicure and pedicure, they do show up in close-ups!

Get a good night sleep!

Practice, practice, practice, yes, in front of the mirror 😉 You can also flip through magazines and catalogues to study poses. Bring your favourite pages with you to show us what you like most.

Wear loose fitting clothing before the shoot to prevent marks on the skin.

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